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We are the American Tour Guide Specialists in the Emirates

The Emirates is the crossroads of the world!   Where two hundred nationalities live in harmony. Dubai is an amazing experience – you will never be bored!  It has been recognized that the U.A.E. is safer than the United States. There is something for everyone:  desert dune buggy trips, ballooning, parachuting, cruises, art, culture and water skiing.  The finest cuisine from all over the world!   The most unbelievable architecture, and the hotels are the best in the world with so many to choose from.  The new modern architecture, the shopping malls and culture combined with the old Arab towns and museums make it a most fantastic place to visit!   The beaches are pristine to relax beside the azure waters of the Arabian Sea.  Dubai is clean and most likely the safest country on earth. The people are very friendly and welcoming. The scenery is gorgeous and very peaceful. From locations on the coastline to sit on your hotel terrace at night, looking at the view is heavenly, nothing to compare with. Amazing hotel properties –  with something for everyone.  The Dubai Mall is simply dazzling and extraordinary, and considered by many to be one of the top tourist destinations in the UAE.  The UAE is a country of superlatives.

Appiah Tours

Our tour guides live there and many are Americans, British and other qualified nationalities. The most common language spoken in The Emirates is English. They are dressed very American, only about 10% in native dress. We know the country well, and all the things to do when you arrive. We suggest planning your itinerary when you arrive because of the change in time and distance, your mood will be different. Relax! Just ask your driver/tour guide to suggest an itinerary – as you have so many things to choose from.