The Emirates serves as a magnet for tourists, potential residents and investors with a growing population propelled by migration and births.  Over 200 nationalities are here. The Expo 20/20 is slated to draw about 30 million + visitors. Major projects are in development for this world event in 2020. With an economy like no other, it is making remarkable strides at all levels; stunning  property developments, free trade zones, new financial markets and tax-free status all spur Dubai’s remarkable dynamic growth. See the above video for a sample of the excitement that Dubai has to offer.


Dubai is a large, bustling and highly developed urban environment. There are many exciting activities and attractions which are spread out over a considerably large area. For many, choosing where to go and what to do can be overwhelming. Car rentals are available, but traffic is often extremely heavy and navigating to and from your desired destinations can be difficult – even for seasoned travelers. In addition, local regulations and liability laws can create undesirable exposure for foreigners that get into traffic accidents in Dubai, or anywhere in the Emirates…even if the accident is not your fault. As a result, car rentals are not the best option. We recommend that you utilize the ground services of Appiah Tours. A private (or semi-private) vehicle (see our rates) with one of our knowledgeable, English-fluent driver/guides will make your Dubai experience hassle-free, delightful and memorable.

Enjoy the concierge tours from Appiah Tours in the Emirates. We function as your tour guide/driver/escort during your stay. We ensure you have the best time and enjoy the land package that you select.  We are able to guide you to make good choices during your stay in the Emirates and make it as memorable as possible. We know the country very well and understand the people, its customs and culture.  We understand what Americans expect regarding a tourist experience. We strive to meet those expectations by creating the experience of a lifetime.

Our principal focus is to show you a good time and all of the things you need to know and enjoy while you are there. There is a vast spectrum of activities to choose from and we will advise you in order how to make good and comfortable choices.

Gallery – Dubai Highlights