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Appiah Tours Ground Services will be operated by Europcar – Dubai, one of the world’s largest car companies with a sterling reputation. The Automated booking site will be installed very soon into our booking systems to facilitate the ground services that are required by passengers.

Both driver tour guides and direct car rental systems will be installed.

Prior to installation of the Automated Booking System you may schedule ground services with Europcar by emailing them at: [email protected].

Appiah Tours Ground Services (ATGS)

We recommend you book our Airport Transfer and Driver/Tour Guide services in the UAE

Appiah Tours Ground Services (ATGS) is committed to innovation and world-class customer service.  We want you to experience the most fulfilling and memorable time in this remarkable country.

Our Emirates-Based services (for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah) will make your trip pleasant and very rewarding. We offer a full concierge, Driver/Tour Guide services.


  • Renting a car is not recommended. If you rent a vehicle you will waste most of your time in traffic, trying to figure out how to get to your destinations. It is easy to become lost. The layout of The Emirates is very different from other locations, as its attractions are widely spread out. Being driven/guided by one of our knowledgeable and friendly Driver/Tour Guides is the best solution. You will be delighted with your ATGS experience.
  • Traffic in Dubai is extremely busy. And being involved in a car accident anywhere in the Emirates can create undesirable complications for travelers due to local regulations.
  • We are Americans in this part of the world, and we cater to travelers who want to have the experience of a lifetime.

ATGS functions as your tour guide/driver/escort during your stay. We ensure that you have the best time and enjoy the land package you select. We know the country very well and understand the people, its customs and culture.  We will make your Emirates experience memorable.

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